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quinta-feira, 17 de junho de 2010


Recebi o seguinte mail:


Ten kilometres away from Limoges, capital of Porcelain, the SALON DE LA CARICATURE, DU DESSIN DE PRESSE ET D’HUMOUR DE SAINT-JUST-LE-MARTEL has become without doubt the most important manifestation dedicated to this mode of expression, recognized as such by all the professionals in cartooning.

Saint-Just-le-Martel is truly the “reference” in this field with a main manifestation at the Salon, and decentralised ones all year round; files of more than 2000 addresses, an extremely visited website, multiple links...

For the 29th edition, from 24 September to 3 October, it is obviously conceived around new themes, important retrospectives, prestigious exhibitions in St-Just and in multiple places in the region, shows, conferences and meetings, some professional, some aimed at a specific public, particularly to the young, and others at everyone... The “cocktail” that has assured its success for a quarter of a century!

We sincerely wish your presence for this occasion, either weekend, (24/26 september or 1-3 october) eventually all week, knowing that we naturally take care of your accommodation expenses. Also, SNCF carriages are specifically reserved each weekend departing from Paris *

We would like you to send us about 6 drawings on the Salon themes or any others, preferably original works (those are insured and sent back after the display and presented with great care!)

It is around the following theme that the 2010 collective exhibition is conceived:

the Circus ( in all meanings of the word.Ex: chaos, pandemonium, the circus games and so on...)

The world football Cup

The motto of the french Republic “ liberté, Egalité, fraternité”

But many other exhibitions are linked to the Salon, too:

Drawings of the year 2010
Drawings for young children

Drawings of new cartoonists

It is also a Big National Contest of press drawings from amateur cartoonists; it is various workshops and animations in schools and for other public...

If you wish it, you can also send us by e-mail or by mail information concerning your biography, your bibliography, drawings or information of exhibitions that you would like to see appearing on our web site

Anyway, Saint-Just-le-Martel is a state of mind, smiles and seriousness mingled and we would be delighted to present your drawings and welcome you here! We are entirely at your disposal should you need further information

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Yours sincerely

For the Salon,
the President,

Gérard Vandenbroucke

Schedule about trains to take ( booked by St Just)

On Friday 24 september and 1 october: Train N° 3637 Paris-Austerlitz 12:56 ( Limoges 16:10)

On Sunday 26 september and 3 October: Train N° 3672 Limoges 18:25 ( Paris 21:28) ,


Salon International de la caricature, du dessin de presse et d'humour

5 rue de la mairie

87590 St Just le Martel

tél : 05 55 09 26 70

Fax :05 55 09 26 33

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